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We believe that CBD has the power to change lives, and we believe that we have the power to change the CBD industry. The intimidating process of finding a reliable supplier is often what turns people away from trying CBD at all—and that’s why we’re determined to bring transparency to the game. From seed to sale, we deliver the highest quality CBD products on the market so you can treat your ailments with ease.

By working directly with our farmers, using only organic ingredients, and investing in third-party laboratory testing of all of our products, we make sure we deliver a CBD product that’s in a league of its own. We perform rigorous, hands-on testing of everything we put our name on so you can be confident that each item has earned its seal of approval.

Being able to discern a company’s mission and the quality of their products isn’t always easy, but we’re here to be a resource for you throughout the process. From candies to drops to gummies, we make it easy to find the dosage, flavor, and method that works for you. Whether you’re looking to sleep better, combat soreness, or just stress less each day, try one of our high-quality CBD products and feel what makes us different.

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Our Crew

Jake Garry

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jake Garry, discovered the amazing qualities of cannabis in his teens after being fascinated by the plant. Jake attended Texas Tech University where he studied  business management and agriculture farming. He was hoping that Texas would eventually bring the cannabis and hemp industry to his home state. After partnering with one of Texas’ most prominent businessmen, Todd Pietsch, and being mentored by his lifelong best friend, Orlando Watts, the vision for Drops of Life was born. Today, Jake focuses on building the Drops of Life brand in addition to serving on the Executive Board of the Texas Hemp Coalition to make lasting change in the hemp industry.

Orlando Watts

Co-Founder Orlando Watts was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been in the medical cannabis industry for over 15 years. Orlando was integral in building New Mexico’s medical marijuana industry and loves connecting people with the products they need to live a better life. Through Drops of Life, Orlando is able to leverage his extensive experience and passion for wellness to teach people about how beneficial cannabis can be.

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