Three Ways CBD Enhances Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a fantastic addition to your healthy lifestyle.  Whether you’re hitting the yoga mat to enhance your fitness routine or work out some stress, CBD is a great way to enhance your yoga practice.

Here are three ways to use Drops of Life CBD products in your yoga practice.

Use CBD Before Class to Help You Focus and Relax

Before you walk into your studio, a Drops of Life tincture or gummy can help ease you into your practice.  CBD may help quiet persistent, negative thoughts that distract you from what’s happening on the mat.  Coupled with breath and movement, CBD is also a great way to prepare for the final and most important relaxation posture – savasana.

CBD Topical Creams for Sore Muscles

Many people underestimate how hard your muscles work in a yoga class.  This can leave them sore the next day as they heal and eventually become stronger.  Giving your muscles a chance to recover after a yoga class is essential.  Research has shown that CBD can be an effective anti-inflammatory agent.  Our Drops of Life topicals are perfect for your post-yoga recovery.

CBN Sleep Tincture for a Restful Recovery

Sleep is the ultimate recovery tool for tired muscles and a stressed mind.  Studies have found that CBD and its sleep-cousin, CBN, may help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Our Drops of Life sleep tincture is packed with 1000 mg of CBD and 1000 mg of CBN, and may be just what you need to get back on the yoga mat the next day.

Drops of Life is happy to help you find the products you need to support your yoga practice.  Our organically grown CBD products are available online.  Reach out and let us know if you have any questions!

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