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THC-Free Products for Everyday Relaxation & Rejuvenation

When it comes to the therapeutic and holistic benefits of CBD products, the quality and value of the products you choose shouldn’t be questionable.!

Drops of Life CBD products are all naturally hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC for a safe, trustworthy, and clean experience while remaining free of THC. Each of our products goes through a rigorous lab testing process to ensure cannabinoid accuracy, safety, and effectiveness.

Why Drops of Life?

Daily life is already stressful enough, choosing the best CBD product for your needs shouldn’t be. At Drops of Life, we’ve taken the mystery out of CBD wellness, so you can enjoy all of our hemp-derived products the way they should be – in a higher state of relaxation that’s totally THC-free.

  • Third-party lab tested & trusted
  • All natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids
  • Broad Spectrum & Isolate CBD

A THC-Free Routine
CBD for (sleep, pain, relief, or focus)

With a demanding public service job, Jill often finds herself debilitated with social anxiety or stress throughout the workday. With the CBD, CBG, & CBN Trio Tincture Set, she’s able to use THC-free CBD for focus and balance while gaining better sleep at night, all

If not properly addressed, Carol's eczema can cause discomfort and inflammation that impacts her daily routine and functioning. With DoL CBD Balm for Skin Irritations, she’s able to rejuvenate and moisturize her skin with the use of hemp-derived CBD ingredients.

Even after working long days on a construction site, Shawn’s intense muscle spasms and chronic pain are never off the clock. He applies DoL CBD Lotion for Pain Relief to his shoulders each night to alleviate the most stubborn of aches and pains. .

Searching For Specific Relief?

Drops of Life offers a trio tincture set of broad-spectrum CBG, CBD, and CBN. Each tincture is formulated to help you find balance, drive, or get better sleep while remaining THC-free in your everyday routine.

At Drops of Life, we’re here to ensure you have a safe, trustworthy, and clean experience with CBD wellness.

Made with 100% THC-free CBD oil that’s responsibly sourced, our CBD wellness products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure accurate cannabinoid content.

When you shop at Drops of Life, you can trust in getting:

  • 100% hemp-derived, THC-free products
  • 3rd - party tested for quality assurance
  • small batch made

A COA is provided for each of your purchases that includes details about the lab, the product, and the amount of each cannabinoid it contains.

Certificate of Analysis & Product Lab Results:

  • Everyday Edibles
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies
  • CBD Lotion & Topicals
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